Thursday, January 09, 2014

I'm an addict

Hello, my name is Sarah and I am a book addict.
I love books. this is just part of my stack of books that I have beside my bed.  These are my piles of to-read books.  My stack of read books is quite small and I can't ever seem to grow it, partly because if a book is good I pass it along to another fellow addict or if is really, really good it gets to go in a place on honor on a bookshelf.  Not all of these books are mine, some are borrowed from a friend who is also a book addict.  It is hard not to pass up a cheap book at a yard sale or one with an interesting cover at the used book store.  And yes, I judge books by their covers and have found some great books from their great covers.  And yes, as you an see from my stack I haven't read Harry Potter yet, but I will, eventually.  It is hard to get through my stack because I get in book funks when I can't get into a book or struggle to finish because I hate to NOT finish a book.  I also have to move away from my stack for new books from the library from my favorite authors or the book club book of the month.  I sometimes get on a Kindle kick and only read from my Kindle. I am constantly scanning for good book deals so my Kindle is also filled with books waiting to be read.  It is a good thing that there are very few books you can lend to a friend on the Kindle or I would never get to a book in my piles.  I keep hoping to knock out on of my three piles, but instead the piles keep growing.  I also had this awesome idea within my book club, we are going to have a summer book swap so if I don't get this pile knocked out by Memorial Day it is just going to get even bigger.  So it is out there now, I am a collector of books, I love getting caught up in a story, I particularly love historical fiction. but I can't ever put a mystery/crime down nor a Michael Crichton (love some science books).  So I am thankful for books that have opened my eyes to much of the world and people without ever having to leave my warm bed or sofa.  I need to go read and see if I can get this stack a little smaller.

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