Thursday, January 23, 2014

and I thought 50 was cold

This winter I am experiencing a new kind of cold.  It has been cold before, but I never had to attend an outside field trip when it was 25, or stand out at the bus stop waiting for my kids when it was 25 and windy, or drive home from teaching a night class when it was 18 but with a windchill of 5.  A few years ago I had babies and we just stayed inside, and I really don't think it was this cold for this long, maybe cold for a day or two, but not 5 days in a row.  So I was thinking tonight as I drove home, how 50 sounds so nice right about now and how silly I was to be complaining about 50 degree temperatures when we were at the lake in Michigan this summer.   Silly me, 50 is not bad at all.  I have a whole new perspective, and maybe this year I will enjoy the cool Michigan summer and go swimming when it is 80 instead of my standard 85 degrees.
I have got summer on the brain, but it is what gets me through these colds days.
This is my happy place tonight.

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