Tuesday, November 06, 2012

things taken for granted

I get irritated at my children sometimes, who doesn't?  I get annoyed when they won't get dressed, or put on their shoes, or whatever task they say they can't do, but we all know they just don't want to.  Today the kids and I went to lunch and at a table at the restaurant was a child in a wheelchair who mother had to feed her, and wipe her mouth, and basically do all the things that I take for granted.  I realized that I so easily forget how blessed or how lucky I am.  I have two children who do have struggles, Lance especially with his speech and learning disability in school, but their struggles are so miniscule in comparison to the struggles that some parents face.  I feel like a spoiled brat after getting irritated at Lily for not getting her seat belt on in the car.  I need to remember the little girl in the wheelchair to keep me humble and thankful, because I have so much more than I could ever deserve and I need to always remember that.

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