Thursday, November 08, 2012


A neighbor had 2 cats then being the irresponsible pet owner that he is, he let his 2 female un-spayed cats roam. As a result a tomcat provided 1 cat with 2 litters of 3 and then 4 kittens, and the other a litter of 3. So 2 cars turned into 12. At first the kittens stayed inside, but now that they are older irresponsible pet owner lets them roam and our yard is there litter box. So the question now is, round them up and take them to the humane society or file a complaint with the district court for nuisance feline. It is so sad how we can't play on our swinger without first checking for poop. Yesterday I collected six piles of it around our yard and all but one had not been there two days ago. I tried cat spray to repellent, but it doesn't seem to do anything unless sprayed daily and it stinks. So what can you so when over half a dozen cats have designated your landscaping as their litter box and how is it that this individual can be irresponsible and take away my right to enjoy a yard free of cat feces? I should note that he never seems to be home and probably not even properly caring for the 8 or so cars he owns (another neighbor has been feeding them). So here I am suffering the consequences of someone who is too irresponsible to spay or neuter their animal.

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