Thursday, April 05, 2012

Proud mama

Tonight was Evening of the Arts at Lance's school and part of the evening was the Kindergarten play. 
Lance is the pink pig
Lance was a pig and the pigs did a dance and Lance was center stage and did such a great job.  He has come along way, in preschool, during sing-a-longs, he would just stand like a statue and stare. I was a bit worried tonight he would see all the people and freeze, but he danced and he sang and he was great!
The pig dance, Lance is the pig in the middle
  I can't get over how much he has grown this past year and not in size but in confidence and independence as well as academically.    He isn't my little baby anymore, he is growing up too fast. 
This afternoon and this evening I helped get the kids ready, I was in charge of painting noses and applying blush.  It was very cute how excited the kids were to get makeup on, especially the boys, they all wanted pink blush cheeks.  It was so much fun talking to all the different kids and seeing how excited they were to perform for everyone. 
Kindergarten is such a fun and magical year, I am sad the year is almost over with.   I hope 1st grade won't be too much work and will still be fun and that he will love school as much as he does now.  Time is moving too fast and tonight was a great reminder of what is important and how to make sure my priorities are in the right place, especially with Spring Break next week, I have a week of no school, even though I have school I hope I can enjoy the time and not stress over the unimportant things like having a clean and neat house.

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