Tuesday, November 01, 2011

what a week

After a week of illness we are all better and hopefully will stay that way for a while.  The four days home from school wasn't too bad, but there was way too much movie watching and ipad playing then I would like, but I wanted them to stay rested.  Since they have been back to normal (Sunday and Monday, the television has been silent and the ipad mostly unused).
I got totally behind on my keep ahead of the chores and keep the house nice and so the house, isn't a total wreck, but it isn't neat, it is on the messy side of things.  So my keeping ahead of the mess worked for about a week and half.  Jeff was even on board for a week and it was so nice to have a clean, neat house, but it has succumb to the mess thanks to children being home all day and not feeling well.
It also has gotten cold outside and there were two dreary days that totally zapped my energy to do anything.  I realized after two days of temperatures in the 40's, that I hate winter.  I hate the cold and I want to move to Florida where you don't need winter coats and there is plenty of sunshine, unfortunately Jeff, a snowboarder isn't up to say good-bye to snow, maybe one day.
In total random news, I got an iphone 4s and it is the best thing ever.  I love talking to Siri, I love the camera, I love instagram that makes everything look so much better, I love it, best gadget ever.

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