Monday, October 10, 2011

so much to say so little time

I have had many posts floating around in my head, I just haven't stopped to create them.
Today is Monday, I don't have class thanks to fall break, but I have big plans, I want to get this house looking good, every room needs a thorough scrub down, lately I haven't had a lot of motivation and things are picked up, but not scrubbed down, so today is my day.  I work best when I start in the morning so today is my day, at least I hope so.
 We had a very busy weekend.  Saturday we went to a railroad festival and watched the parade associated with it, but I must say the parade had nothing to do with trains or the railroad at all, but the kids had fun, Lance had a theory that if you waved to the people they would throw candy at you, he was kind of right and now we have a large bag as treats for pooping in the potty (sadly both kids earn rewards, but that is a post for another day). 
 After the parade we did walk around a bit and looked at the Norfolk Southern train exhibit and a model train exhibit then found something to eat.  It was quite crowded and at one point poor Lily became a lily pancake when someone walking with a funnel cake ran right into her and knocked her to the ground. After lunch we headed home for rest time. As luck would have it, Lily fell asleep in the car, but woke up shortly after returning thanks to lance yelling, he then fell asleep and Lily was awake the rest of the afternoon, I would have loved for both of them to have napped, I could have gotten a lot done, oh well.
 Sunday was another beautiful warm day so we went to church, had lunch at Panera, and then headed out to Layman's Family Farm.  We walked through the entire corn maze.
 We got a little confused/ lost only once.
 After walking in circles for a few minutes we found the scarecrow we were looking for.
 The kids got to jump on the jumping pillow/blob, and we all took a turn on the cow train/dust train.
 The kids stopped for a swing.

And we took a hayride down to the pumpkin patch, it was a lot of fun and I am so thankful the weather was perfect.  One the way home we stopped at an outdoor skatepark, Jeff enjoyed the park, I enjoyed a book in the car while the kids napped, a nice pit stop before home.  So by last night we were all exhausted, but we enjoyed the last bit of our Indian summer.

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