Saturday, January 08, 2011

what a difference a little light makes

I am not a fan of winter, especially cold weather. I hate being cold and hate cold weather unless it is snowing. Winter just seems dark, cold, and confining. In December and November, right after the time change, I was really struggling with motivation to do anything, especially in the late afternoon since it was so dark. I need sunlight, I am a bump on a log on rainy days, but sunny, warm days, I am ridiculously productive. So last month, the house was feeling microscopic, the kids were not getting enough energy out, and I didn't know how we were going to survive January and February. I was in hibernation mode and it wasn't good.
Things fortunately turned around last week. The change began with temperatures in the upper 50's last Friday which got the kids and I out of the house during the day, and then the realization that it isn't complete dark at 5 pm helped matters too. Unfortunately the warm temperatures didn't last, it was back in the 30's this week, but it is staying light later, only 15 minutes, but it has made all the difference. Several afternoons this past week the kids and I went for a walk/bike ride to the church playgrounds that are close and enjoying getting out and being active. It was so nice to be able to stay out until 5:15 without it being pitch black. The day doesn't seem as long, the kids aren't as wild when I am trying to make dinner, the witching hour isn't nearly as witching, and I think that maybe I can make it to spring. So there is hope that we can make it through winter since I can't move to Florida.

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