Sunday, May 09, 2010

not the mother's day I had in mind

is not about being showered with gifts and pampered today, this mother's day is about mothering and trying to survive even when you feel the worst.
I have strep throat and though I should be feeling better I am still not 100%, probably because I did not sleep well last night, I could not go to sleep and despite falling asleep sometimes after 1am I still got up at the usual 7 am, I am as bad as my kids.
And the way life goes, Jeff was doing sound at church this morning so he had to leave by 8 and was gone until almost 1pm leaving me, exhausted not feeling great with two kids for the morning.  Lance, last night was running a fever and this morning it was back, probably strep throat since I have it, but it could be something else.  One of his eyes doesn't look to good either, hopefully not pink eye, but it looks like it.  I tried to take him to an immediate care clinic this morning, but they would not accept his insurance and I didn't want to pay the $123 when I could just wait until tomorrow.  So I have been giving him Motrin and Tylenol regularly in hopes of keeping his fever down and just waiting until tomorrow when I can take him to the doctor.
All in all, this mother's day is not what I had planned or even expected, but I guess that is what motherhood really is all about.  Maybe next year, and then again maybe not.

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