Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Top 10 LIttle Hints of Warm Weather

There are a few things of spring and summer that appear at some point without us really noticing and disappear just as mysteriously.  Most of the hints aren't something we really think about until we notice them, which makes them a little magical.  So here's my top 10 little hints of warm weather, some bad, some neutral, and some are good, but all of them are things that are usually ordinary things that are forgotten about in the fall and winter:

10- being sticky- not sticky like sugar coated, but hot, sweaty sticky, when you don't want body parts of touch each other nor touch anything like leather car interiors, ick!

9- shade- how wonderful the shade feels when it is sun is beating down, during the fall and winter months standing in the sun helps to keep warm, but there is a shift come late spring when shade is the place to be because the sun is so hot, it is amazing how the sun is so different in the summer as compared to the winter

8- wasps, bees, ticks, and mosquitoes, not my favorite spring and summer friends, but they appear one day and are a pain while they are hear and every year I resolve that I will find a way to safely win the war against these creatures without chemicals

7- the smell of fresh cut grass- I always forget this warm weather smell until I smell it for the first time each spring and am reminded of summer memories and good times

6- thunderstorms- we had a big one last night, it woke me up, the wind was blowing, the rain coming down in sheets, the lightening was as bright as day and the thunder never seemed to end, I forget about thunderstorms during the winter and it takes a little getting use to, the first couple always wake me up at night and scare me a little, but by June, I will be use to them and not even wake up and before I know it they are gone like the warm weather

5- having the ceiling fans on at night- having to keep the ceiling fans on all night long and all day for that matter, they are a hint of warm weather in our home, I love the soothing sound the fan going and the cool breeze they produce

4- the smell of sunscreen- it is a warm weather smell that brings back fond memories, we rarely need it in the winter so the first time we apply it is nice, by August it isn't so fond anymore

3- the warm breeze that occasionally occurs inland that reminds you of the beach, every now and then when the weather is warm a warm breeze will blow in such a way it reminds us of an ocean breeze

2- flip flops- I am not a shoe person and love no shoes and flip flops and a hint of warm weather is being able to wear flip flops without having your toes freeze

1- lightening bugs- though they haven't appeared yet, they are my favorite sign of warm weather, I love the way they just seem to appear one night and every night thereafter, you get used to them being around and then one night you just notice they aren't there anymore, which always kind of sad because it means summer is over, but until then I will look forward to seeing my warm weather critters

Spring has just begun so all my favorite warm weather hints are cherished and enjoyed until it becomes the norm and then before I know it they are forgotten and gone until they return each spring.  Spring and Summer are my favorite seasons and I am just soaking it all in, I'm out of hibernation and loving it.

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