Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Top Ten Conveniences that Make Life a Little Easier

Lately I have been so thankful for the small conveniences of modern times that make my life so much easier and/or cheaper, though I could probably come up with more than 10 here are the top 10 for this week:

1- Dishwasher- it cleans and dries and saves me so much time, now if there was a washing machine and dryer combination that was affordable I would be in heaven

2- Freezer- though I don't have a separate freezer, I am so thankful that I have a place to keep foods frozen for an extended period of time, because I hate going to the grocery multiple times in a week and I like to make double and freeze for later

3- Multipack of tampons- I remember back in the day having to buy several boxes, it is so nice just to buy one and have everything you need especially with little people who like to get into things, less is more when it comes to storing personal items in our house

4- DVR- so thankful I can watch my favorite shows when I want to without commercials, I don't have to try and stay up till 11 to watch Bravo anymore

5- Vacuum cleaner- more specifically a Dyson- it sucks, in the good way and is worth every penny, never thought I would feel so strongly towards a vacuum, but it is wonderful, and I really do use it every day

6- I-pod touch- a little computer in my pocket, but right now I am loving the Bible app and how it has my Bible in 90 days reading plan that shows me the progress I am making through the day's reading, love it!

7- Magic Eraser- our porcelain tubs and kitchen sink would be yellow and not white without them, and a few places would have permanent crayon markings, and it even gets out spray paint

8-remote keyless entry and electronic door locks in cars- with two kids and groceries I can't imagine how I would get everything in the car without something breaking, the groceries that is not the kids

9- online banking- especially for bill paying, so nice to log on, type in the amounts hit send, no need to worry if the mailman will come that day or dropping them off at a mailbox to make sure they arrive on time (the mailman isn't very consistent there are days when he doesn't come at all)

10- jogging strollers- though I don't jog, I do love to walk and pushing a regular stroller is no easy feat, I just bought a double jogger last week on Craigslist (another great convenience) and I am so thankful for it, my other stroller was difficult to push and it would not make it over the smallest bump on the sidewalk, though I am still on the quest for the perfect stroller, one that is small yet durable and pushes like a jogger, but not the size of a smart car, and doesn't cost a fortune I am thankful for what I got

Overall I am thankful I live in this time in history and not in say 1765, I love air conditioning and indoor plumbing too much plus everything in  my top ten list, though I guess I wouldn't know what I was missing if I lived in 1765 or earlier, but I am still thankful.
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Adventure Mom Janna said...

How could a blogger leave out the computer?! JK

This is a great list - online banking save me soooo much hassle!

Ashley said...

I love my DVR, my freezer, and online banking! :)

oh amanda said...

DVR DVR DVR! I'd die without my tivo. Well, maybe not. But I've already decided if I didn't have my Tivo, I just wouldn't watch TV. It would take to much time.

Allison said...

Dishwasher, iPod Touch, and DVR, the three things that I couldn't live without. Unless I had an iPhone that is. :-)

Melissa @Simply Mel said...

I love the magic eraser too! I have a dyson and I love it as well. I love the modern convenience of e-mail! I hate talking on the phone and love that I can just type up what I want to say and press "send". No awkward silences. I wish I had DVR or Tivo. Apparently I'm missing out!


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