Friday, January 01, 2010

new year's

so i looked back at last years' resolutions and I don't think I remember what they were past posting them.
This year's resolutions are the similar
1- be more engaged with the kids especially on the individual level- stop doing and be in the moment when I only have one child, so many times I am trying to do too many things when it is one-on-one instead of spending quality time with them, laundry (same as last year)
2- Jeff and I are going to try and memorize a Bible verse every week, so we should have 52 - learned by this time next year
3- debt free- didn't happen last year, but we are getting closer
4- get outside more often even if it is freezing cold, I hate the cold, but the kids need outside time and more than just running from the house to the car
5- get up before the kids do, i can deal with life if I have some morning time to myself, failed at that one today, maybe tomorrow

hmmm, i thought there was something else, but I can't remember
well i hope 2010 will be a good year, I love a fresh start, new year, new me

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