Friday, January 22, 2010

give me a break

lately it has just been one thing after another.
last week the kids were all congested, cold or allergies, i don't know, but enough mucus to make life no fun
well yesterday Lance woke up from nap crying and holding his ear, so I called the dr brought him in and confirmed what I suspected, another ear infection
so there goes another $100 for an appt with the dr and medicine- I have bills that need to be paid, and no money is coming in
the best part, since this is the 2nd ear infection in a month in the same ear the dr says that he may have damage to his e tube and every time he gets a cold he might get an ear infection and might need tubes put in, how are we going to afford to do that? 
can I just get a break? just one?
I wish I had a fast forward button so I could fast forward life until it gets better, I am tired of being stressed about how we are going to make it every month and the kids being sick and looking for a job for jeff or I and trying to just get by. 

i'm just so tired of struggling and it is hard because there doesn't seem to be any end in sight.  So the only thing going for us as my mom always says "we have two beautiful children," it is just that my heart breaks that right now we aren't the best for them because we are letting the stress get to us and Jeff is never around because he is working all the time, yet bringing in no money, something has got to give, I just don't know what

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