Saturday, December 05, 2009

rainy/snowy blah saturday

It is easy to get a case of the blahs on a rainy/snowy saturday afternoon.
It is days like this when I wish Jeff had a real job and had Saturdays off so we could just hang out at home together.
It is lonely here while the kids are napping and it is the perfect weather for hanging out  inside, watchign a movie and relaxing, not inside alone waiting for five o'clock.
Lance and I did have fun playing a few levels of Batman before he fell asleep and this morning we went over to my mom's house to help her bring down Christmas decorations from the attic and put up her artificial tree, which helped time pass.
Speaking of Lance, I don't know what is up with him, yesterday he was running a fever, first thing this morning he was too, I gave him some motrin, he perked up and acted like his normal self.  Right before he conked out I took his temp and it was normal though he felt a little warm.  Not sure what is going on with him, I hate phantom fevers with no other symptoms.
Since I am not sure what is going on with Lance, if he is still ill or not leads to my evening plans.
This evening is the Christmas parade downtown, I want to go, but with Lance possibly under the weather and with rain mixed with snow, it is seems like it will be just miserable and not a good idea.  If it just just snowing I would definitely go, but then again, I don't know want Lance to get worse or take him out if he isn't better.  What to do, what to do.  I should take a nap, I wish I was that kind of person who can, I just don't nap well, I like to go, go, go. 
Enough complaining for one blah day, right?

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