Tuesday, December 29, 2009

best christmas gifts

so after pink eye in both kids and an ear infection, Lily woke up Christmas Eve morning with a fever that was accompanied by a nasty cold, ick, i can't wait for the germs to go away!
so i have been busy attending to sick children, but i have to say this christmas I got some pretty cool stuff
My top ten favorites:
10- money from my aunt and uncle to help with favorite gift #1
9- a new diaper/purse bag that should be indestructible, now Jeff and I have his and hers timbuk2 bags, i first didn't like it, but it is growing on me
8- the memory foam mattress topper I got for Jeff for Christmas, it is like have a new mattress without the huge price tag
7- the target gift card my in-laws gave me so i could get a windstopper fleece, I hate being cold and have nothing for in between weather and i didn't want to pay an arm and leg for a outdoor brand ( i.e. mountain hardware)
6- gift card to olive garden and grocery store- to keep us well fed, we already went out to dinner, just jeff and i, it was a fun date night out and can't wait to go again
5- Mary Kay timewise cleanser in the bar- I love it, it lathers up so much nicer than I could have imagined
4- a gift card to IKEA from my sister- she loves me! now I can't wait for a road trip to go shopping
3- Sham WOW!  you know the infomercial product- i clean up a lot of spills
2- a new camera since my children broke mine, not having a camera for the last month and half has been TORTURE
and my #1 favorite gift
A gift card to Lowes to get a replacement window!!!!  who would have thought I would be so excited over a window, I have been wanting replacement windows for years and even though it is only 1, it is a start and maybe with the money we can save in heating costs we can buy more

so despite the germy germs, Christmas was nice and relaxing, the kids got a lot of toys and my family blessed me with so many wonderful things that I am so thankful for

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Ashley said...

Really great gifts! Especially all those gift cards! Can you believe I actually heard on the radio that most people hate gift cards. I was just stunned. I love them, so I guess I assume everyone should! haha.
I'm glad you all had a great Christmas even with all that sickness.


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