Friday, November 20, 2009

new moon

Tonight I am going with a gaggle of women to see New Moon.
I can't believe I am going on opening night, that is so not me.
I am not a crazy fan, I am mainly going to watch my friends swoon and cry and be ridiculous.
I am interested to see this movie and hope I make it through- I HATED the first one.
So why am I going to see the second one?
I don't really know, peer pressure I guess, I wanted to be cool like all my friends.
Of all the books, New Moon was my favorite, I like Jacob, I wanted him to be the chosen one, not a vampire fan.
I am excited because it is girls' night out and after spending all week inside with these two monsters, even a cheesy movie sounds good.

Just got back from the movie and had a blast!  The movie was very entertaining, much better than I expected.  The audience was awesome, cheering and swooning, it was a lot of fun, it probably would not be as fun if it wasn't a packed theater with people who really got into it.  A whole bunch of us 11, to be exact did a girls' night out and did dinner and the movie, it was so much fun, I forget how much fun hanging out with the girls can be, I can't wait to do it again.  So tonight I got to pretend to be 17 again and out with my friends, drooling over a guy on the screen and laughing hysterically.  It is all good.

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