Saturday, November 28, 2009

hanging over my head

I have a project due on wednesday that I have known about since the beginning of the semester and of course it isn't finished, no where close.  I hate having this project hanging over my head, i just want it done, but it is so hard to get the words on the computer in some order that makes sense.  I am so thankful that I took this class first so I can get this out of the way, my motivation is poor now and it would be even worse if this was the last class for my masters.  Now if I can just get it done so I can relax and enjoy my week, I am stressed and won't find peace until it is done.  So my Saturday night will be spent working on a paper, good times, good times, yeah right.  I do have 9 pages complete and the paper is suppose to be 10-15 so I hope I am halfway there, just trying to make sure I have included all the info i need.  Cross your fingers for me, my house needs cleaning and groceries need to be gotten, but I can't focus until the paper is mostly done.

1 comment:

donna said...

You're almost there! You can do it, and then focus on the other stuff.


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