Tuesday, October 06, 2009


Where to begin. . .
Last Christmas I made some a few felt ornaments for Christmas presents. For some unknown reason I was remembering them this summer and started making some more to try and sell on Etsy. Someone locally saw them on Etsy and invited me to take part in a craft show next month in a city West of here. The craft show is a juried show where everything has to be approved beforehand. So last Friday I submitted my sample ornaments as well as an apron and placemat sample to my sponsor. I was nervous that they would not like my stuff, especially my apron since it was my first sewing project in a year and it wasn't my best work. Well I heard back today and everything has been approved. My sponsor said that everyone loved my apron, the one thing I was most worried about which just makes me plan giddy. Someone really liked my stuff, people might buy what I have created, WOW!! I am so excited! I have four weeks to get everything done, I am going to be a busy little bee. I don't think I would normally agree to a craft show except that I don't have to set up and sell everything, it is on consignment which is perfect for me because with two small children I can't drop everything and work a craft show. So despite being slightly overwhelmed with my to-do list, I am just so darn giddy that I have made cool.

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mammajoy said...

Good on ya! Can we see some pictures?


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