Monday, August 10, 2009

last week

Last week was jam packed. Naps were done in the car or skipped, eating out was done daily (we had 3 picnics!), and lily is walking everywhere! Here's what happened:

monday-pictures and the lake
First thing Monday morning we had Lily's picture taken since she will be 1 very soon, it was quite the ordeal. It was at this moment when she decided she was done with crawling and walking was how she was going to go places and walk all over the studio she did. I even tried to get a picture of both kids, but neither one would sit, it was crazy, fortunately we did get some cute pictures. Afterwards we headed out to the state park to enjoy a picnic and swimming at the lake. It was nice because there were not many people there and it is shallow so Lance has a HUGE area to play in.

(Lily showing off her walking skills)

(me and my little buddy)

(lance enjoying the floatable snake in the lake)

(lance in the lifeguard chair)

(I let lance in lily's float and he LOVED it, he walked and kicked around everywhere, and Lily really enjoyed being held and not set down so it was a win-win for everyone, though i hate this picture because i look like a goof)

tuesday- cleaning, hair, and snowflex
Jeff had a friend and his wife who are a sponsored snowboard and skier come and visit and try out the new snowflex (artificial snow surface creating a year round ski slope) so much of the day was spent cleaning and getting house looking decent for their stay. I did get a chance to get away and get my hair cut and colored, so I enjoyed a couple hours of kid free quietness, which was what nice. I did though have the kids all day (minus hair time), for dinner (went to Chick-fil-a on family night), bath, and bed alone which was hard especially when you know your husband is out having a good time with friends and you are stuck doing all the work. One day, the tables will be reversed, right?

wednesday- we had a playdate and our anniversary
Wednesday morning we had a playdate and then had lunch with Jeff at the new store. That night Jeff and I went out to dinner to celebrate our anniversary. We ate dinner relatively quickly and were going to go window shopping and run a few errands afterwards, but a bad storm was rolling in right when we finished dinner so we headed home since we knew Lance would be freaking out and my mom who was babysitting would have her had full. So we watched the storm, watched Wipe-Out and toasted sparkling lemonade to 9 years and hopefully many more.

thursday- picnic on the parkway
Why is it that you park on a driveway and drive on a parkway? We got ready for a picnic and an afternoon in the mountains and headed up to the parkway. It was beautiful, though COLD, at the top of one ridge the car thermometer read 61 degrees. Sixty degrees in August, it was COLD and I was not prepared, we were all in short sleeves and shorts so our time at most overlooks was short lived.

(though you can't really tell from the picture, the clouds were blowing up over the ridge and through the trees, very cool looking)

(we had a mini hike to the overlook and since it was so cold I tried to bundle up Lily with her blanket)

(Lance and our picnic lunch)

(the frog who still has a tail, there were tons of frogs and tadpole/frogs in the lake, finding them was kind of like playing where's waldo because at first we only saw 1 or 2 but the more you looked the you could find)

(sharp top mountain, Jeff and I got married right there by the lake 9 years ago)

(the kids and I on the bridge, I had my picture taken here in my wedding dress)

(we had a picnic lunch by the creek, I had Lance's bathing suit with me because I thought it would be hot and he would enjoy playing in the water, down by the creek it was in the 70's, warmer than the ridge, but not quite hot enough for cold water creek playing)

friday- sprinkler, house for amy, and pizza
Though it wasn't hot outside we finally busted out the new sprinkler and tried it out. Lance and his friend had a good time running around, screaming, and spraying each other. After Lance's friend went home we went and had lunch with Jeff, we are thankful the shop is open, though the kids aren't use to him being gone now all the time, so we have been stopping by frequently. The kids and I then headed home, had naps, and then met my sister and mom to look at a house that was for sale that my sister might be interested in buying. The house was dated, need renovations, but had potential, unfortunately her husband didn't like the sound of it and vetoed it without even seeing it, bummer for Am. After looking at the house and running an errand for Jeff it was dinner time and I was starved so I broke my strict dinner schedule and we all went down to the pizza place down the street and enjoyed dinner out, the food was good, the children's behavior, not so much.

saturday- shopping and had picnic dinner
After a busy week we were going to do nothing on Saturday, but the tax-free holiday (on clothes, shoes, school supplies and diapers) called to me so my mom, the kids and I all headed to Target. We loaded up diapers, got some school supplies to donate to needy kids, and some clothes for Lance. The kids and I then did nothing in the afternoon and then had a picnic dinner with Jeff at the park. We headed home got ready for bed and our day trip to Ikea.

sunday- ikea
Yesterday we headed up to NoVa to go to ikea and to take advantage of the tax-free weekend by getting some fall clothes for the kiddos. We met up with friends for lunch and Ikea shopping, it was good to get together with my friend A and her family. We ran into several people we knew up at Ikea, it was weird being 3 hours away, yet seeing friends. We got some shelves for the new store and a chair for my friend (I love shopping for other people when I don't have any money to spend, I feel like I shopped without spending my own money). We then hit up some stores and found some great outfits for Lily. I saw a couple of things for Lance, but the line in some of the stores was so long and the kids were tired and ready to go, so I will have to go back in a month or so when it won't be so crowded. We made it back safely and I am ready to relax.

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