Thursday, August 13, 2009

photo fun

Donna at spuddy buddy tagged me for this interesting post concept so I decided to be daring and try it.
I went to my first photo folder and selected the 10th photo and there it is. Oh so very exciting, note sarcasm. It was taken Friday, July 30 by Lance, he is quite the budding photographer, if you leave a camera laying around he will grab it and start taking pictures. The day before we had gone down to the NC Zoo and I was most likely uploading my pictures from the day before on to the camera thus having the camera in reach of Lance who then began snapping pictures. The feet in the bottom of the picture are his and mine. We were sitting on the sofa watching the Today show so it must have been early in the morning, before 8, since when we turn off the TV at 8 and get ready for the day. I also see a plaid knee, which would be Jeff. Lily doesn't seem to have any body parts represented, but her tunnel is front and center. I think this was the morning that Lily slept in really late thus explaining why she is not in the picture. This was also the last Friday morning that Jeff was home with us because he had just gotten the occupancy permit for the new shop location the day before and now has a business to run and no time to hang out at home. When I first grabbed the picture I didn't think there would be much of a story behind it, especially a random one of our living room on a Friday morning.

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Amy said...

What a GREAT toy for the car! We stood at the store an hour before Cooper's "party" (family eating cake) because we realized we hadn't even bought him a present. So sad. But then, he really just enjoys the rubber spatulas and spoons from the drawer. Happy upcoming birthday Lily! Can't wait to see the pics.


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