Tuesday, July 28, 2009

when technology goes bad

this morning proved that technology isn't at all that wonderful or useful.
The kids, my mom, and her dog went for a walk on the trail this morning. By the time we got back to the car, Lily was extremely fussy, she wanted to eat and go to bed, I was hot and tired, and Lance was antsy. I walked up to our car and hit the unlock/disarm button on the key remote.
Nothing happened.
I hit it again, nothing happened.
The battery in the remote must have died.
Great, I can't get into my car.
I tried to open up the remote and tap the battery a few times in hopes that it would work, that always seems to work for television remotes, yet, somehow messing with the key remote set off the car alarm.
After a few minutes it went off, yet we were still locked out.
Before we got our Subaru we had a Volkswagen and you could unlock and turn off the alarm with the key in the door so I tried to unlock the door and turn off the alarm through the key. No such luck.
The door opened, but the alarm went off again. It was getting quite annoying, I feel bad for the neighbors.
I tried in vain to turn on the car, but it wouldn't start since it thought it was in security mode. I set the alarm off again as I desperately tried to get the battery out of the key remote and get the remote to work. No such luck . At this point, both kids are crying, I am extremely frustrated and embarrassed and I realize I am stranded with no way to get home.
Fortunately my mom was there with her own car, but she didn't have car seats in her car so she had to drive to my house and fetch the spare set of keys and bring them back. She left to go get the keys while I tried to find some shade, feed lily, and get lance calmed down. It was a bit creepy being alone on the trail/woods with no car to escape too (there are houses close, but obviously people don't come to help with an alarm sound because no one seemed to notice my car alarm that was going off repeatedly)
Fortunately we don't live that far away, but it was a pain nevertheless, and a reminder that sometimes technology isn't that grand and I wished I had a car that didn't have an alarm.

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