Friday, May 29, 2009

maybe a tad OCD?

This would be a t-shirt drawer with the t-shirts folded and put away in color order.

and with closer inspection, you can see the design is facing up for identification purposes.

Though it at first it seems more like OCD, I beg to differ, I think it is more extreme organization in response to weekly refolding and organizing of the t-shirt drawer. How else is one to fit 40+ t-shirts in one drawer and keep them fairly neat day in and out? I don't know exactly how many t-shirts Jeff owns, I stopped counting once at 45 and he managed to always have a clean t-shirt during our experiment a year ago when I didn't wash any of his t-shirts from Ash Wednesday to Easter.

I realized this afternoon that this is one example of my extreme organization that I have developed in the last few years to cut down on clutter and weekly chores.
in other words, something totally random that would give me a giggle to recount one day in the future!

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35 and holding said...

maybe thats what I need to do for Chris...


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