Sunday, April 12, 2009

Saturday night fun

Last night we wanted to do something fun and different, it was the weekend, and everyone else is doing something fun and exciting, right? So what is a family of four with two young kids going to do fun on a chilly night when funds are close to zero?
Build a fire and make s'mores!

It was a blast!

I finally got to use the hot dog/marshmallow, rotating, telescoping sticks from Restoration Hardware I got for Christmas a while ago, definitely easier to use then sticks.

After consuming some s'mores we burned some marshmallows until there was nothing left, strangely entertaining.

The s'mores were very delicious, though the chocolate didn't always melt like it is suppose to.

After enjoying our little fire in our backyard we went in and got ready for bed. It was nice, other than a quick stop at the grocery store we got to pretend we were somewhere else and not even have to leave our backyard.


mammajoy said...

Yay for backyard fires! We often have 'night picnics' in our family which include home made pizza and toasted marshmallows The kids love it.

Life In Progress said...

We do this a LOT in our backyard. There's nothing like a fire-toasted marshmallow.


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