Tuesday, April 21, 2009

catching up

Last week was my mom's spring break from school so I talked her into getting away for a few days to make her spring break more memorable. We packed up the van and the kiddos and headed to Wilmington to have a few days down at the beach. We had a great time, despite the cooler weather, it wasn't warm enough to go swimming (though some people were, they must have been from up North where sixties is hot). We had a good time despite the cooler weather and did a lot in our three days.

As soon as we arrived we decided to walk around UNC- Wilmington. I graduated nine years ago and it looks so different! I had to ask someone where the bookstore was because we couldn't find it. We walked around campus admiring all the changes that have taken place. Lance had a blast running from one fountain to the next (there are a ridiculous number of fountains around campus, some of the them in ponds to keep mosquitoes at bay and some are just decorative).

lance looking like he is about to get into trouble at one of the fountains

The kiddos and I at the clocktower. Lance, who usually won't pose for pictures was feeling very loving then, it is my favorite picture.

one of many fountains on campus, this one is the prettiest in my opinion

After UNCW we headed out to Wrightsville Beach and checked in to our hotel. We didn't have a oceanfront room, but we had a good view of the Intercoastal Waterway and the island.

our view at the hotel

Then we went out to survey the beach, but didn't stay long because it was a bit chilly. By that time it was close to six so we headed out to grab something to eat. After dinner we hit up the Fresh Market for goodies and a few other stores we don't have around here then we called it a night.

The next morning we headed south to go to the aquarium. It was fun and I enjoyed Lance's reaction to the many creatures we discovered.

us and the alligator, lance would not turn away, he was quite skittish

in front of the shark tank, Lance looks a bit scared, he didn't like having his back turned

Lance's favorite creature at the aquarium, the lobsters. They were in a circular tank and would walk around and around the bottom, and he followed them, They were HUGE too.

After the aquarium we got lunch and went to Airlie Gardens. The gardens were closed when I lived in Wilmington because they were damaged by Hurricane Fran, so I had never been. I couldn't get over how beautiful it was. We admired the trees, the flowers, the geese, and the swans. I had never seen a swan up close, I didn't realize they were so BIG!!

Airlie Oak, it was a beautiful, huge over 100 year old oak tree. The gardens were magnificent. If I didn't have small children with me I could have stayed all day, it was amazing. According to the map/brochure, the gardens prime was in the 1930's, I can't imagine how amazing the place was, if it currently was not in the best condition because it looked pretty nice to me.

Lance got really into taking pictures, he even got some good ones. I loved how serious he was!

my favorite stop on our walk around Airlie Gardens. There was a pergola with wisteria above us and cement stairs descending into the lake, it was breathtaking.

Lily and I by the fountain, it was so pretty I didn't want to leave.

After the gardens we headed back to the hotel for a little breather and my old roommate came over and hung out with us for a few hours, it was nice to see her again and listen to her exciting life. We went to dinner with Miccah and then crashed, it was a long day.

Friday morning we got going early and headed up to Topsail Island to spend a few hours before we headed home. We had a good time playing in the sand, eating lunch at my favorite deli, and getting some fudge for the trip home.

Lily playing in the sand for the first time, she tried to eat it and discovered it was a bit gritty.

ahh, the beach, my favorite place. we hung out on the beach at Topsail for a few hours, it was a little cooler than I would like, but we had a good time playing in the sand. I can't wait to go back in a few months.

The trip was a jam packed three days and a lot of fun. There were a few difficult moments, it is a lot harder to travel with two kids and be couped up in a hotel, but we survived and I look forward to going back soon.

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Amy said...

Sarah - Such a small world! We love that area - used to go there when my BFF lived in Wilmington. I wore my Wrightsville Beach t-shirt to bed last night =). Great pics of the kids. I'll be they had a blast. Nice of you to get your mom away for a few days!


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