Thursday, February 19, 2009

grumpy house

I love naptime and I am grumpy when naptime is taken away!
Lance hasn't been napping very well lately, he seems to wake up to every little sound. Yesterday it was the phone ringing, today the wind blowing and rattling his windows. He woke up after an hour and came in my room where I was comatose (both kids were up multiple times Tuesday night and the lack of sleep hit me today). Usually Lance once getting up will come in my room and fall back asleep, not today. I was trying to wake up, but I must have been in deep sleep and had a hard time waking up fast enough so Lance not wanting to be up alone woke up Lily. Argh! What did he do that for? I was trying to wake up and I would be able to get some naptime chores done with just one kid, but then he had to go wake the babe who is now grumpy because she didn't get enough sleep. I am grumpy, well more like frustrated, because I don't have time to get some stuff clean and Lance is making a mess faster than I can clean up a mess. Also, I am at my limit for his sounds, why oh why will he not just talk? The speech therapist says that he is making progress, but not fast enough for me, I want words, not just sounds. I don't know whether he can't say or just doesn't want to or a combination of the two, but I am just so frustrated and don't know what to do. Lance is grumpy and getting into everything due to be overtired. Then to top it off, the direct-tv doesn't work which is usually my escape when I am frustrated, a few minutes of some bravo show, usually Real Housewives and I am entertained enough to be entertaining.

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