Friday, December 19, 2008

friday and a week before Christmas

It is a week before Christmas and so much to do.
Ornaments for grandparents to be made.
Christmas treats to be baked.
A few presents to be wrapped.
Nativities to be driven through and holiday lights to be seen.
A few last minute cards need to be mailed.
Tree and decorations need to be enjoyed.
Our small group gift to friends needs to be finished so one family can enjoy their bathroom.
and time needs to be enjoyed.
so many things, and hopefully just enough time.


Carol said...

We've been given exactly the right amount of time to do everything we need to do. What we choose to do with the time and whether we add in unnecessary things is another matter.

Okay, I must have heard that somewhere because it actually made a little sense.

35 and holding said...

you guys are awesome for taking on my bathroom for me and Chris. It is a gift that I could never repay to you, so please don't stress. It has been 3 years now, so a few more weeks/months is no big deal. That you even thought to do this for us is amazing to me. You guys rock and I have shared your goodness with my pastor at our church.


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