Tuesday, December 16, 2008

feeling the love

I feel the love.
Sunday night I took both kids over to my mom's house for about half an hour to pick up some stuff I had left there and to help her get started decorating her tree and when I returned I felt the love. We need new windows and since we are poor and can't afford new ones we put are using the film to keep the cold out. Well the film which is doing a great job insulating posed a holiday decorating problem- I wasn't able to put the candles in the windows. I was bummed and could not find a solution on my own and since Jeff is usually very busy and doesn't have time I thought I would just have to go without this season. Well I was wrong. While I was gone, Jeff cleaned up the kitchen, and I mean cleaned the kitchen, left nothing behind like he usually does (that in and of its self made me feel loved) and he figured out a way to attach the candles to the windowsill despite the film taking up most of the space. YEAH!! I feel the love, he knew that was something I wanted done and I didn't even have to ask or beg or nag, it is awesome! I wish I could somehow get him to fix some of the other things on my to-do but don't know how list without having to ask, beg, or nag.

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