Sunday, November 02, 2008

they didn't get the memo

Lance and Lily missed the daylight savings time memo. The one that says that the time is going to be moved back one hour, so everyone should get one extra hour of sleep. No, they decided to forgo that extra hour and get up at six this morning. Actually they decided that sleeping all night isn't wasn'ta priority at all and were up a few times last night, so not only did I not get an extra hour of sleep, but I got less then usual. Lily was up at 2 to eat, then when I put her back in her bassinet she started making tons of noise, scratching and grunting so I brought her in bed with me. She then got up again I think around 4 and ate and once again had a hard time going back to sleep. Then Lance was up at 5:30 and came into our bed. He then decided that six was a good time to get up for the day and started jumping on me. I tried to ignore him, but then Lily woke up and decided she was hungry, so I gave up the idea of sleeping a little more and got up. Before kids I liked daylight savings time, I loved that extra hour of sleep in the fall. Now I don't like it. Both kiddos were up before the sun and it makes for a long morning, it's only 9:30 and we have been up for over 3 hours and we still have an hour before church. In the positive corner, Lance and Lily will hopefully go to bed earlier. I don't know which is better, going to bed early and getting up early, or going to bed late and getting up later? Hopefully Lnace will go down for nap earlier than usual so we can do something fun this afternoon after nap since he sometimes is a bear before nap. Maybe I can get a nap this afternoon, probably not, but I can always wish.

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