Wednesday, November 19, 2008

baby it is cold outside

and I am NOT ready for winter.
Yesterday it snowed, well it flurried and I can honestly say I was not excited. I usually get very excited when it might snow or it is snowing, even it is a few flakes, but yesterday I wasn't celebrating at all. I am not ready for cold weather. We haven't had the money to get replacement windows so it is chilly in the house, I don't have many warm clothes that fit (who wants to wear a large sweater when nursing or trying to wear a baby carrier), I want to keep our heating bill as low as possible and not have to use much heat (though I HATE to be cold) and spring is months away and I would like to delay winter as long as possible. Oh and I almost forgot, the kids don't have winter hats and Lance currently HATES his winter coat so bundling up is not easy. Then there is my hair that gets all dry and static and my hands that get all dry and cracked. The only bright spot to winter is Christmas and I am not ready for Christmas. This year is suppose to be a cold one, can I survive? I would never make it in Canada.c


Meredith B said...

I have a hat and mittens that match (actually two sets) that you can have for Lance. I'll bring them Monday when I come to your group! See you then!

35 and holding said...

My hands get dry and cracked too! Painful!! Hey, I can't get mirror blog to work. You need to help me out on that one...


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