Friday, July 18, 2008

too much wildlife

Despite being a biology major, a former biology teacher, and being fascinated with wildlife I don't like it when it is at my front door. There is way too much wildlife at my door. For months a pair of wrens have been trying to build a nest, a few weeks ago they finally got a nest built and so our front porch is home to a pair of birds. I have had Jeff check a week ago to see if there were any eggs, none, but their still might be time, I think. Birds, I don't mind, but what they are attracting does bother me. Last night as I was coming in the door from my mom's house something caught my eye. I looked at our front window which is mere feet from our front door and discovered a black snake sitting on the ledge moving ever so slowly towards the front door, probably towards the birds nest, but feet away from my door is a little unnerving. I called Jeff on the phone and he came out and tried unsuccessfully to kill the snake, yes, kill is mean, but the snake is way too close to the house and lance's toys and where we play. I wouldn't mind if he was in the backyard, but the front window, sorry buddy, you need to leave or be removed with force. What really freaks me out is how large the snake is. Unless we have multiple snakes in front of our house, this snake has grown from the length of my forearm to the length of my arm in a a few weeks! I know that length of my arm is not as big as a black snake could get and he still is quite skinny, but the fact that he has doubled in size in a month is kind of scary, how big will he get? Notice I use the pronoun, he and not she, because the thought of a she that could reproduce makes me shudder. We discovered our new neighbor a day or two after we got back from the beach, Jeff was heading out and he noticed a little head poking out of a fallen limb in the bushes by our screened in porch. The snake was quite small and fast and we hoped it would move on to the woods behind our house and assumed that it had been living in the tree limb and if Jeff moved the limb we would move snake, no such luck. Two weeks or so later we saw the snake climbing around the gutter downspout on the screened in porch and Jeff tried unsuccessfully to kill it. I was a little concerned that there was a snake so close to our house, but it was little and non-poisonous and I still had hope that it would leave. It obviously has a good food supply which concerns me (rodents? I hope not) and has decided that our house is a good home and has doubled in size since when we first laid eyes on it. I don't like snakes and would really wish it would leave and I am concerned for the poor birds, black snakes are climbers (why i really don't like our new neighbor) and the thought of it climbing up and falling down near me gives me the creeps. So we have a snake and a pair of birds and we had a wasp, but I killed it this afternoon. Yesterday a wasp appeared in between the screen and the window in our bedroom upstairs. I was a little concerned, but I hoped it would not be able to come into our room and I didn't want to try and open the window to kill it. Well during nap time today the wasp somehow made it into my bedroom and was crawling on poor Lance. Lance was not going down for nap easily and I was quite tired so I brought him onto our bed. We both fell asleep, or at least I did and was awoken a little while later to Lance crying. I opened my eyes to find a good size wasp crawling on Lance's back, I quickly got it off of him and killed it, it was quite traumatic for me, Lance fortunately went right to sleep. We use to have a problem with wasps in our bedroom and today, my fear came to pass, having a wasp crawling on me or someone else while sleeping, it was bad. Fortunately it didn't sting him, but I guarantee I will be a bit paranoid for a couple of days anytime I lay down on my bed. And our last bit of wildlife is a large horsefly that lives on our mailbox. It hasn't bitten us, but he is always on our front door or mailbox when I come home or go out and being a good size I hope he doesn't get in the house or bite, but in comparison to the snake he is a minor annoyance, maybe the snake will eat him. So there is our list of wildlife living way to close to our house and I didn't even mention the camel crickets that keep making their way up from the crawlspace or the mosquitoes that are so bad right now we have to go to the park to play outside or be covered in bug repellent (I hate the smell). I love summer, just not the wildlife.

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