Monday, November 12, 2007

how many cops do you need for a rabid fox?


How many police officers does is take to actually do something to remove the fox?

What do the other two do?

Watch with the rest of us.

It is sad that when there is a real emergency it takes forever and you get one, maybe two, but a dying fox, five.

Then again, it was noon on Sunday, for them, it was probably the most excitement they would get on their shift.

Why was a rabid fox so entertaining? That is the real mystery. Church let out a little after noon yesterday and a guy headed out to the parking lot to go home. He saw what he thought was a cat staggering around the parking lot, he then noticed it wasn't a cat, but a fox. He went back inside the conference center where we meet to alert everyone else about this staggering fox in the parking lot. Someone called the police and officers started arriving immediately. I was not ready to leave yet so I wasn't too worried about the situation, but when I had packed up and was ready to go I got curious. I looked outside and noticed that half of the church was watching the parking lot and there was a cop car blocking the entrance to the parking lot. Lance and I went out to investigate. Several people had a fit at me because I had Lance with me and it would be traumatic for him to see this fox get shot, but I went out anyways. One police officer had a large rifle and the others were mulling around trying to decide what to do. The fox was sitting between two cars and that was when I realized I didn't want the officers to shoot the fox from where they were because if they missed they would hit my car! Go figure, of the 12 cars in the lot, the dying fox parked himself next to my car. At that moment I was thankful that someone had seen the fox, it would have been quite freaky to walk out to my car and see a fox sitting beside my driver's side door. The fox was very beautiful and not very big. He was obviously sick and hurt, he laid down between two cars (one of them being mine) and just laid there. The officers continued to deliberate I guess on what to do. My question: where was animal control don't they know how to handle this situation? I also leaned over to Jeff and asked him (as though he would know) why didn't they get out a hook contraption that they place over the neck of the animal and then tightened, and just then they found one. I think at that point the fifth cop had just pulled up and he might have had one. A cop got into the car that was the barricade to the parking lot and hung out the window with his restraining device and scooped up the poor fox. The fox was obviously ill, it didn't get up, run, fight, anything. The cop eventually got out of the car and took it to the far side of the parking lot and shot the poor animal (on the opposite side of the car so we couldn't see). Some people were very upset that they killed the animal, but it was obviously very sick and tired, possibly rabid and put out of its misery. They carried the fox back over and put in it a car to transport it somewhere (they scary thing was they didn't know what to do with it, i thought they have to have it tested). Though it was sad because an animal died, and scary because there was a wild animal in the parking lot, it was the most excitement we have ever had at church. It was a scary reminder that there are lots of wild animals closer than we realize. The conference center where we meet is downtown, granted our city is not large, but it is still downtown and foxes are something you associate with woods, large amounts of woods.

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