Friday, November 30, 2007

how does he know it is candy?

It very ceases to amaze me how Lance knows that candy is candy despite him seeing something for the very first point. Last week he was at my mom's house and he saw a Milky Way. He made a fuss and wanted it. I was stunned how does he know that shiny wrapper is something to eat, or something he would want to eat. I don't eat Milky Ways and we don't have candy with the exception of M&Ms occasionally here. Then some friends brought over Hershey Kisses, guess who wanted some? How does he know? And yesterday I was putting out the Christmas decorations and I put on candle holder that I made on an end table. It has candy canes on it and I figured Lance won't bother it since he had never had candy canes before, but I was wrong. I was in the playroom and Lance walked into the living room, he returned a few minutes later with the curve part of the candy cane in his mouth. I was impressed that he figured out that candy canes were something that he wanted to eat. How did he know? It could have been plastic and though he puts a lot of things in him mouth he doesn't put everything in there. How is it that toddlers have a candy internal radar system? My little one has definitely got quite the sweet tooth.

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