Tuesday, June 12, 2007

ready for day 5, or is 4?

The all day babysitting gig isn't too bad, much better than I first thought, we are now into a routine. Friday was John's last day of school so we went to the pool right after picking him up for school. We had lunch at the snack bar and played in the water until everyone was tired and grumpy. We then headed home where Thomas and Lance took a nap and day 3 was over and done with. Over the weekend I took my bridesmaid dress to be altered, picked up my new eyeglasses, and went to the in laws for dinner. Dinner wasn't too bad except that their house is not Lance proof and there were lots of breakables and things for him to get into everywhere. He also did not want to sit during dinner and the night was not relaxing for me at least. Sunday was Open House at church, we had a pancake breakfast that was yummy and then we worked on the house the rest of the afternoon. I am excited that trimming the bushes and painting the bench out front can be removed off of the house to-do list. Jeff spray painted the bench and it looks nice and I now I will want to sit on it since I don't have to worry about paint flicking off on me like I did before. Yesterday's babysitting flew by. We all went to small group and I tried to get Lance to hang out with the babysitter and give me a break, but he wanted nothing to do with her and screamed and screamed. It was very stressful because when we was with me he was getting into everything and pulling everything out of my purse and when he wasn't he was just screaming his head off. After small group we headed to the "train store" for lunch. Then each of the boys picked out charts and stickers to put their chores on so they could keep up with their summer chores. When we got back to their house we made their chore chart and then it was nap/ reading time. I tried to get Lance to go to sleep, but I ended up having to just throw him in the pack'n'play and run. He went to sleep after 10 minutes and stayed asleep for close to 2 hours, I was glad since the last time I threw and ran he only slept for 30 minutes. I am starting to get the hang of this whole work full time gig, I had enough energy afterwards to make dinner! I had to pack up dinner and take it to the shop because we had a meeting last night, but I am still proud I was able to make dinner instead of just picking something up. Our meeting was long, but we enjoyed ourselves and reallying enjoying hanging out with the other two couples and dreaming about the future of our church. Today we have a picnic at the boys elementary school which should be fun, but tiring especially since I didn't sleep well last night and I got up way to early this morning. I hope to make it through today.

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