Tuesday, March 27, 2007

1 step forward, 2 steps back

I feel like I can never get anything done and I am only moving backwards. Despite my frustrations, I am loving the spring weather, the flowers blooming, and being able to take walks everyday and not freezing. Today Lance and I walked down and got a muffin for breakfast. We then played for a while and then he took a nice long nap. After the nap we took Jeff lunch and then visited with Ellen and his girlfriend Lucy. Lucy gave Lance a kiss, it was very cute. After about 20 minutes Lance got cranky so we headed home and we both took a nap on my bed. We then headed back outside and waited for Jeff to come home. I worked on cleaning up a flower bed while Lance played on a blanket, it was so nice outside. We had dinner outside and then we worked a little longer on the flowerbed before going inside to take a bath. My frustration lay in my inability to finish anything. I want to get the flowerbeds in shape, I pulled weeds, trimmed back some plants and have planted some new plants, but I need mulch, but Jeff doesn't have time or a vehicle to get any mulch. I also am trying to edge the beds with bricks, I finished one bed and it is a great project to do with Lance outside, but I ran out of bricks and I don't know when I can go and get more. I am so frustrated that I can't get anything done! I also picked up my bedroom and the living room and in two seconds little Godzilla came through and changed my neatness. One of my biggest frustrations comes from projects around the house that I want to get done, but I can't either do them physically or we don't have the money to do them right now. Enough complaining, I do have a praise, my allergies have not been bothering me, at least not yet which is so awesome since I don't have any good medicine to take for them without going to see a doctor. And the other thing, Lance is 11 months old and he is still not eating solid foods. It is a struggle to get him to eat baby food and he likes table food, but he always gags or chokes on it and then throws up everything he just ate. I am trying to not worry too much about it and what it may mean, but it is so hard especially when I see or hear about other babies eating. So though he isn't eating, at least he is the cutest thing ever.

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