Monday, October 16, 2006

i have been a bit down

I have been in a funk the last couple of weeks. I always get a little down about this time of year when it starts getting dark earlier and the temperature gets cooler. I also really miss Jeff and have been really overwhelmed about the business. October is the first month that the shop pays our bills and I don't have a paycheck. It is really scary especially since snowboard product is coming in and we have to pay for it before we sell it. I also get very envious of couples who get a whole weekend together and I pray that one day soon Jeff will be able to take off Saturdays too. On a positive note, Jeff and I have gone on mini-hikes with Lance the last two Sunday afternoons and it has been so nice to get out and do something like what we use to do. I have mastered grip taping a board, which is a big deal since I usually grip about 3-4 boards each week. I am more comfortable at the shop and though I wish I didn't have to go in to work I try and keep it in perspective that I am not working full time and most people I know work a little on the si

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