Friday, July 28, 2006

life's little pleasures

It is funny how the little things in life make me so happy! Lance is a very particular baby; he does not like his swing, bouncy seat, and other nice places for him to be in while preparing dinner, eating a meal, cleaning, etc. I saw in a catalogue, the Bumbo Baby Sitter and I thought that it maybe the answer to our problem. I love Lance to pieces, but I can't hold him every waking moment. I looked online at several retailers and was disappointed to find that a Bumbo was not available locally and according to Target it was only available online. I was hoping to find it in town to avoid shipping charges. I even tried to find a cheaper one on Ebay, but all of items for sale were more than what they cost at regular retailers. This morning, Lance and I stopped by our friend's house to see how Ms. Lucy and her mommy were doing. That was when we discovered that Ms. Lucy was the proud owner of a Bumbo Baby Sitter. I was so jealous! Not only does sweet Lucy (who is a month younger than Lance) sleep through the night, love her car seat and other baby accessories, but she has a Bumbo! Ellen was kind enough to let Lance try it out and he seemed to like it a.k.a. he didn't immediately start crying at the top of his lungs. I knew then that I was going to have to break it down and buy one. After we left, Lance and I went to go visit my grandmother and then we headed off to Target to get a birthday present. I looked around the Baby section for a Bumbo or something like it, but I didn't see anything and I got busy getting what I needed. I put something in my cart to get as a present, but I didn't really like it and after shopping some more I found something I liked better. I went back across the store to the baby section to return the merchandise, I was tempted to just put it down in an aisle, but I just couldn't, and I was glad I didn't! As I was putting the merchandise back on the hook from which it hung, I looked down and discovered that they had the Bumbo Baby Sitter! I was so excited I called my mom immediately to tell her. I then quickly got the rest of the items I came for (forgetting one thing Jeff wanted) and checked out. I then headed to our store so we could try out the Bumbo. Though Lance at this point was hungry and sleepy he managed to sit in the Bumbo and be happy for 20 minutes. I was so excited that we have hopefully found something he can be content in without holding him all the time! I never would have guessed a year ago that I would get this excited over a baby chair! Only time will tell if the Bumbo really is a hit, but I can only cross my fingers and pray!

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